I bought the AmazonBasics head strap because my action cam didn’t come with one. My helmet is a bit of an odd design so the sticky action cam mounts wouldn’t hold well on it, but this solved the problem completely. What I like best about it is the slight anti-slip coating on the inside of the straps. Previous straps (for both action cam and headlights) I have owned lacked this coating and they were prone to flying off at random. The AmazonBasics strap doesn’t slip at all, resulting in steadier footage and peace of mind knowing my expensive cam isn’t going to go flying into some shrub. I highly recommend this purchase if you’re looking for a helmet mount. I’ve been very happy with my purchase so far.

VR is still in its infancy and there are a lot of kinks that need to be worked out. I was all excited to receive a VR headset, but alas… On the surface, the Telmu VR headset is a nice offering, with a substantially better build quality than Google Cardboard (cause it’s made of plastic, who’d’a thought?), but that’s where the good things end. This headset is significantly heavier than cardboard and borders on downright uncomfortable on my face.

The KF-570ii is quite a good piece of kit with a decent build quality and bright output. This flash has a lot of power, but it tends to be focused on the center of the image. This means that the flash would be best used in a studio setting as a manual remote flash with a diffuser such as a softbox. You must understand what you are purchasing before you buy: this is a fully manual flash, meaning it will not automatically determine exposure. If you can find a use for a fully manual flash this is a good product to consider.

If you’re looking for the camera phone to buy this year, the LG G4 is the way to go. It’s an absolutely fantastic camera phone for amateurs and professionals alike. It had features other competitors are sorely missing – a removable battery and expandable storage. In theory it is an excellent balance of usability, form and function, but there’s a few little performance issues with the phone that prevent it from being the perfect device.