If you’re looking for the camera phone to buy this year, the LG G4 is the way to go. It’s an absolutely fantastic camera phone for amateurs and professionals alike. It had features other competitors are sorely missing – a removable battery and expandable storage. In theory it is an excellent balance of usability, form and function, but there’s a few little performance issues with the phone that prevent it from being the perfect device.

The Audio Technica ATH-M30x headphones are lacking something, the oomph that makes music sound great. Perhaps my phone just can’t drive them properly, but I do notice the same issue running through my computer and my tablet. Some listeners will praise the treble clarity but most will be bass-hungry on their default settings. I would highly recommend stepping up to the M50X or looking at another brand.

While taking into consideration that the Takstar is by no means a professional mic, the audio from it is alright, with a good amount of warmth and punch. However, don’t expect miracles from it- because it is quiet, the mic works best in close range. I would suggest using it for vlogging, close-up interviews or voice recording on a computer. And keep in mind you’ll likely have to spend time editing out background hiss.

The Blu Win Jr has one of the worst cameras I’ve seen on a Smartphone made in the last 6 years. The front camera is somehow even worse than that. The camera requires the utmost care to get images that are acceptable and may not even be useful in an emergency.

The Blu Win JR is best for only the most basic of phone users. While it is extremely inexpensive, its terrible camera quality and underwhelming design will leave users quickly asking for more. With a retail low of $70, it could make a great burner smartphone but it doesn’t work for much more than calling and minimal messaging.